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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Keep Your Meat Fresh in the Freezer for Years

Properly freezing food will help save you lots of money and ensure tasty food in the future.

To effectively preserve meats or other foods, you need to ensure several things:

1. Check the freezer's temperature.  It should be at zero degrees.

2. Make sure to have an alternative means of powering your freezer in the event of a power outage. A common misconception about frozen foods is that once they are frozen and thawed, they can't be re-frozen. This is false.  Foods that are thawed can definitely be re-frozen.

3. When you package your food into freezer bags try to remove as much air as possible in each bag before sealing them.  For best results, purchase a food vacuum sealer. Anytime you can remove the air from food and reduce the moisture, you guarantee a much longer freezer shelf life.

Following these tips can ensure your meat is edible for the long stretch, staving off freezer burn and ensuring tasty meat for future meals.

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