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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Organized Fridge

An organized fridge is important when trying to extend the life of your food.
Here's a handy little graph that will help you out!

1). Keep Your Cool
Set the temperature to 40°F (5°C) or below - any warmer and you risk growing harmful food bacteria.

2). Are Your Drawers Humid?
Check humidity settings on produce crispers and deli drawers. Each needs to be the correct setting to maintain optimal freshness.

3). Love Your Leftovers
Store leftovers for up to 4 days in clear glass containers. Seeing what foods are left over helps you eat them sooner.

4). Never Mix
Don't mix fruits, vegetables, and meat in the same crisper - contamination leads to spoilage and food waste.

5). Door Prize
Don't place your milk or quick-to-expire perishables in your fridge doors where temperatures can fluctuate. Store milk in a safe zone, on a middle shelf.

6). Bottoms Up
Store raw meat and seafood on the bottom shelf to prevent drips from contaminating food below. Wrap meat products properly.

7). Declutter Crowds
Air needs to circulate around food to keep it cool. An overly crowded fridge can create warm or cold spots, which leads to spoilage.

8). Keep it Whole
Don't slice food until you're ready to consume it, unless you're freezing all of it. Chopped meat, fruit, and vegetables spoil faster than whole items.

9). Fridge Rotation
Before every grocery trip, move older foods hiding in the back of your fridge forward - you'll see what's in stock.

10). Keep It Clean
Wipe spills and messes when they're new to keep your fridge clean and tidy. Remove expired items to save space for fresh leftovers and foods you'll want to eat.

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