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Thursday, December 29, 2016

5 Stove-Top Hints

1. While you don't want to use it for everything, using ammonia to clean stove burners is very efficient. Soak the stove-top burners in ammonia overnight, and then rinse them off in the morning. Your burners should look as good as new!

2. Spills are always a major bummer, especially on the stove top, but there's a way to make clean up a bit faster. Simply toss a handful of salt on the spill! The salt will absorb a lot of the liquid and will make clean up a breeze.

3. Pouring olive or vegetable oil will help lift caked on messes. After the oil is applied, simply spray it with all-purpose cleaner and the stove-top is now clean!

 4. Do you have an extra stubborn caked on mess? Boiling a kettle of water and carefully pouring the water onto the stove will lift even th most stubborn of caked on messes. Be careful not to flood your stove or burn yourself with hot water though!

5. When your oven is all cleaned, taking steps to minimize future messes is a good idea. One unique idea to consider is waxing your stove! waxing your stove will make future wipe ups a piece of cake, as they slip right off of the wax-covered surface.

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