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Thursday, December 1, 2016

5 Tips to keep your kitchen in top shape!

1. Kid Drawers

Kids are just tiny people, and they need to eat too! Instead of having them talk to you every time they want a snack, put snack foods near the bottom of the fridge so they can reach them when they want them.

2. Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnets

This helpful magnet is one that can help a lot. It lets people know when dishes are ready to be put away or need to be loaded in. No more excuses of not knowing if the dishwasher was clean or not! Our favorite magnet can be found here.

3. Fridge Liners

If your kids are prone to making messes, lining your fridge with plastic might be a good way to make any accidental spills a quick clean up in your fridge!

4. Lock the Oven

Locking the oven when you're cooking is always a good idea. It helps prevent kids from getting in there and accidentally burning themselves.

5. Range Hood Vent Filters

These often forgotten about filters are not immune to needing changing! If you can't remember the last time yours was changed, its probably time to change it!

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